Colección Voces que dejan Huellas


Poetry Collection

Edición por Harper Audio
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Disco 1
William Butler Yeats       The song of the old mother   
      The lake isle of Innisfree   
W. H. Auden       In memory of W. B. Yeats   
Dylan Thomas       A refusal to mourn the death, by fire, of a child in London   
      Fern Hill   
      Do not go gentle into that good night   
Galway Kinell       The death shall be raised incorruptible   
Edith Sitwell       Still falls the rain   
Murial Rukeyser       The speed of darkness   
May Swenson       The DNA molecule   
Robert Graves       Poem to my son   
Randall Jarrell       Eighth air force   
Philip Levine       To my God in his sickness   
Archibald MacLeish       Epistle to be left in the earth   
W. S. Merwin       The last one   
Anne Sexton       Divorce, thy name is woman   
      Little girl, my string bean, my lovely woman   
Carl Sandburg       The windy city   
Disco 2
William Carlos Williams       The seafarer   
E. E. Cummings       Darling! because my blood can sing   
      If everything that happens can´t be done   
Joseph Brodsky       Nature morte   
Robert Frost       The road not taken   
      After apple picking   
Derek Walcott       Omeros, Book 1, Chapter 1   
Marianne Moore       What are years   
Stephen Spender       Seascape   
Robert Lowell       Skunk hour   
Conrad Aiken       Tetélestai   
Gertrude Stein       If I told him: a complete portrait of Picasso   
Richard Wilbur       Love calls us to the things of this world   
Sylvia Plath       The thin people   
Robert Penn Warren       Sirocco   
      American portrait: old style   
Disco 3
Pablo Neruda       Arte poética   
Richard Eberhart       The groundhog   
Stephen Vincent Bennét       Litany for dictatorships   
James Agee       White mane   
Ezra Pound       Moeurs Contemporaines   
Wallace Stevens       The idea of order at Key West   
Margaret Atwood       The animals in that country   
T. S. Eliot       The wasteland