Colección Voces que dejan Huellas
Edith Sitwell

Reading her poems

voz de la Autora

"He called across the battlements as she
Heard our voices thin and shrill
As the steely grasses’ thrill,
Or the sound of the onycha
When the phoca has the pica
In the palace of the Queen Chinee!"


     The Wind's Bastinado    x
     Trio For Two Cats And A Trombone    x
     Said King Pompey    x
     Spinning Song    x
     Green Flows The River Of Lethe-O    x
     Serenade: Any Man To Any Woman    x
     Tattered Serenade: Beggar To Shadow,
                     II—In The Summer, When No One Is Cold    x
     Street Song    x
     An Old Woman    x
     The Youth With The Red Gold Hair    x
     A Sylph's Song    x
     Most Lovely Shade    x
     The Queen Of Scotland's Reply
                      To A Reproof From John Knox    x
     Who Shall Have My Fair Lady?    x
     The Bee Oracles, I—The Bee Keeper    x
     Dido's Song    x
     The Canticle Of The Rose    x
     Gardeners And Astronomers    x
     Sailor, What Of The Isles?    x
     Song Of Queen Anne Boleyn: At Cockcrow    x
     Song: Where Is All The Bright Company Gone?    x