Colección Voces que dejan Huellas

A third dimension for the printed page



Poetry Collection

Edición por Harper Audio
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Disco 1
William Butler Yeats   x       The song of the old mother    x
      The lake isle of Innisfree    x
W. H. Auden   x       In memory of W. B. Yeats    x
Dylan Thomas   x       A refusal to mourn the death, by fire, of a child in London    x
      Fern Hill    x
      Do not go gentle into that good night    x
Galway Kinell       The death shall be raised incorruptible    x
Edith Sitwell   x       Still falls the rain    x
Murial Rukeyser       The speed of darkness    x
May Swenson       The DNA molecule    x
Robert Graves       Poem to my son    x
Randall Jarrell       Eighth air force    x
Philip Levine       To my God in his sickness    x
Archibald MacLeish   x       Epistle to be left in the earth    x
W. S. Merwin       The last one    x
Anne Sexton       Divorce, thy name is woman    x
      Little girl, my string bean, my lovely woman    x
Carl Sandburg       The windy city    x
      Fog    x
Disco 2
William Carlos Williams   x       The seafarer    x
E. E. Cummings   x       Darling! because my blood can sing    x
      If everything that happens can´t be done    x
Joseph Brodsky   x       Nature morte    x
Robert Frost   x       The road not taken    x
      After apple picking    x
Derek Walcott   x       Omeros, Book 1, Chapter 1    x
Marianne Moore   x       What are years    x
Stephen Spender       Seascape    x
Robert Lowell   x       Skunk hour    x
Conrad Aiken       Tetélestai    x
Gertrude Stein   x       If I told him: a complete portrait of Picasso    x
Richard Wilbur       Love calls us to the things of this world    x
Sylvia Plath   x       The thin people    x
Robert Penn Warren       Sirocco    x
      American portrait: old style    x
Disco 3
Pablo Neruda   x       Arte poética    x
Richard Eberhart       The groundhog    x
Stephen Vincent Bennét       Litany for dictatorships    x
James Agee       White mane    x
Ezra Pound   x       Moeurs Contemporaines    x
Wallace Stevens       The idea of order at Key West    x
Margaret Atwood   x       The animals in that country    x
T. S. Eliot   x       The wasteland    x