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The Spoken Word


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Alfred Tennyson       Charge of the light brigade   
Robert Browning       How they brought the good news from
                      Ghent to Aix   
Henry Newbolt       Vital Lampada   
Henry Newbolt       Drake´s Drum   
W.B. Yeats       Introduction   
W.B. Yeats       The Lake Isle of Innisfree   
Rudyard Kipling       France   
Laurence Binyon       For the fallen   
Hilaire Belloc       Tarantella   
Walter de la Mare       Nod   
Walter de la Mare       Song of shadows   
Gertrude Stein       A valentine to Sherwood Anderson   
Robert Frost       Stopping by woods on a
                      snowy evening   
John Masefield       Sea fever   
Alfred Noyes       The highwayman   
Rose MacCaulay       The alien   
John Drinkwater       Cotswold love   
John Drinkwater       Mrs Willow   
William Carlos Williams       Spring and All (By the Road
                      to the Contagious Hospital)   
William Carlos Williams       Queen-Anne's-Lace   
Ezra Pound       The seafarer   
Siegfried Sassoon       Attack   
Siegfried Sassoon       Died of wounds   
Robinson Jeffers       To the stone cutters   
Edith Sitwell       Jodelling song
                      (from Facade)   
Edith Sitwell       A man from a far countree
                      (from Facade)   
T.S. Eliot       The love song from J. Albert Prufrock   
Hugh MacDiarmid       The watergaw   
Hugh MacDiarmid       The Eemis Stane   
E.E. Cummings       my father moved through dooms
                      of love   
David Jones       In parenthesis (extract from Park 7)   
Robert Graves       1805