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Alfred Tennyson x       Charge of the light brigade    x x
Robert Browning x       How they brought the good news from
                      Ghent to Aix    x
Henry Newbolt       Vital Lampada    x x
Henry Newbolt       Drake´s Drum    x x
W.B. Yeats x       Introduction    x x
W.B. Yeats x       The Lake Isle of Innisfree    x x
Rudyard Kipling x       France    x x
Laurence Binyon       For the fallen    x x
Hilaire Belloc       Tarantella    x x
Walter de la Mare       Nod    x x
Walter de la Mare       Song of shadows    x x
Gertrude Stein x       A valentine to Sherwood Anderson    x x
Robert Frost x       Stopping by woods on a
                      snowy evening    x
John Masefield       Sea fever    x x
Alfred Noyes       The highwayman    x x
Rose MacCaulay       The alien    x x
John Drinkwater       Cotswold love    x x
John Drinkwater       Mrs Willow    x x
William Carlos Williams       Spring and All (By the Road
                      to the Contagious Hospital)    x
William Carlos Williams       Queen-Anne's-Lace    x x
Ezra Pound x       The seafarer    x x
Siegfried Sassoon       Attack    x x
Siegfried Sassoon       Died of wounds    x x
Robinson Jeffers       To the stone cutters    x x
Edith Sitwell       Jodelling song
                      (from Facade)    x
Edith Sitwell       A man from a far countree
                      (from Facade)    x
T.S. Eliot x       The love song from J. Albert Prufrock    x x
Hugh MacDiarmid       The watergaw    x x
Hugh MacDiarmid       The Eemis Stane    x x
E.E. Cummings       my father moved through dooms
                      of love    x
David Jones       In parenthesis (extract from Park 7)    x x
Robert Graves       1805    x x