Colección Voces que dejan Huellas
Joseph Brodsky

Conferencia y poemas
diciembre 18, 1980
voz del Autor
Edición por
The Academy of American Poets
english by Mike Strand

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      Introduction by Mark Strand   
      The polar explorer          texto
      A season   
      Roman elegies III   
A part of speech
      I was born and grew up ...   
      The north buckles metal ...   
      From nowhere with love ...   
      A list of some observations ...   
      I recognize this wind ...   
      A navy blue dawn ...   
      You´ve forgotten that village ...   
      In the little town out of which ...   
      As for the stars ...   
      Near the ocean ...   
      The Laocon of a tree ...   
      If anything´s to be praised ...   
      There is always a possibility left ...   
      ... and when the future is ottered ...   
      Not that I am losing my grip ...   
De "Lullaby of Cape Cod"
      Part 1 (English)   
      Part 2 (English)   
      Part 1 (Russian)   
      Part 2 (Russian)   
      Part 3 (English)   
      Part 4 (English)   
      Part 3 (Russian)   
      Part 4 (Russian)   
De "Letters from the Ming Dinasty"

Joseph Brodsky

Polar Explorer

All the huskies are eaten. There is no space
left in the diary, And the beads of quick
words scatter over his spouse's sepia-shaded face
adding the date in question like a mole to her lovely cheek.
Next, the snapshot of his sister. He doesn't spare his kin:
what's been reached is the highest possible latitude!
And, like the silk stocking of a burlesque half-nude
queen, it climbs up his thigh: gangrene.

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