Colección Voces que dejan Huellas

The poetry and voice of

Margaret Atwood

voz de la Autora
Editado por Caedmon TC 1537

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     The animals in that country   
     A foundling   
     The landlady   
     At the tourist center in Boston   
      Roominghouse, winter   
     Game after supper   
     Girl and horse, 1928   
     The small cabin   
     Midwinter, presolstice   
     6 a.m., Boston, summer sublet   
      Dreams of the animals   
     Younger sister, going swimming   
     Power Politics   
     They Eat Out   
     My beautiful wooden leader   
      We are hard on each other   
      At first I was given centuries   
     You refuse to own yourself   
     They are hostile nations   
     They were all inaccurate   
     Tricks with mirrors   
      You are happy   
      There is only one of everything   
     Late August   
     Book of ancestors   

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