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Bernard Shaw speaks

A public address
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     Bernard Shaw speaks on war (lado A)   
     Bernard Shaw speaks on war (lado B)   

George Bernard Shaw 1927

Nov. 4, 1949
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     Spoken English and Broken English
                (recorded in 1927) (lado A)   
     Spoken English and Broken English
                (recorded in 1927) (lado B)   

Esta grabación comprende las cuatro conferencias sobre el tema "Spoken English - Broken English" dictadas por Bernard Shaw y grabadas por el Linguaphone Institute en 1926

     Spoken English and Broken English
                Oir la Conferencia completa (publicada en 1927)   

George Bernard Shaw 1927

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Collector´s Item W 119

recorded for the Linguaphone Institute

     The great English Author´s last public address
                Spoken English, Broken English (fragment)   

Bernard Shaw

The Spoken Word

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The British Library

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