Colección Voces que dejan Huellas
Louise Gluck

Poems from a reading at the
Guggenheim Museum
and a 1992 reading at the
Alliance Francaise

voz de la Autora
Edición por
The Academy of
American Poets
Introduction by Thomas Lux

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Reads from Faithful and Virtuous Night

I'm Nobody! Who are you?
Are you - Nobody - too?
Then there's a pair of us!
Don't tell! they'd advertise - you know!

How dreary - to be - Somebody!
How public - like a Frog -
To tell one's name - the livelong June -
To an admiring Bog!

Emily Dickinson

      Introduction (by Thomas Lux)    x
      Introduction to the Wild Iris    x
      The Wild Iris    x
      Matins (Unreachable Father...)    x
      The Hawthorne Tree    x
      Witchgrass    x
      Matins (Not the Sun..)    x
      The Red Poppy    x
      Vespers (You Thought We Didn't Know...)
      Field Flowers    x
      The White Rose    x
      Vespers (I Know What You Planned...)    x
      The Silver Lily    x
      September Twilight    x
      The Gold Lily    x
      The White Lilies    x
      Introduction to the Garden    x
      The Fear of Birth    x
      The Garden    x
      The Fear of Love    x
      Origins    x
      The Fear of Burial    x
      The Mirror    x
      Introduction to Lamentations    x
      The Logos    x
      Nocturne    x
      The Covenant    x
      The Clearing    x
      Mock Orange    x
      Introduction to Metamorphosis    x
      Night    x
      Metamorphosis    x
      For My Father    x
      Introduction to Brooding Likeness    x
      Brooding Likeness    x
      Introduction to Summer    x
      Summer    x
      First Goodbye    x
      Night Song    x
      Liberation    x
      The Crossing    x
      Horse    x