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Gwendolyn Brooks

Reading Her Poetry

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Introductory Poem

     Gwendolyn Brooks By Don L. Lee    x
From A Street In Bronzeville

     Kitchenette Building    x
     Obituary For A Living Lady    x
     Sadie And Maud    x
     Matthew Cole    x
     The vacant lot    x
     Queen Of The Blues    x
     The Mother    x
     The Sundays Of Satin-Legs Smith    x
From Annie Allen

     The Parents: People Like Our Marriage Maxie And
               Andrew    x
     Do Not Be Afraid Of No    x
     "Pygmies Are Pygmies Still, Though Percht On Alps"    x
     The Rites For Cousin Vit    x
     Leaves From A Loose-Leaf War Diary    x
     The Children Of The Poor    x
From The Bean Eaters

     My Little 'Bout-Town Gal    x
     The bean eaters    x
     Old Mary    x
     The Lovers Of The Poor    x
     A Man Of The Middle Class    x
     Kid Bruin    x
     The Ghost At The Quincy Club    x
From Selected poems

     Garbageman: The Man With The Orderly Mind    x
     Weaponed Woman    x
From Black Expression Vol I, No. 1

     Riot    x
From In the Mecca

     Gang girls    x
     The wall    x
     The Sermon On The Warpland    x