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British Writers

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Disco 1
Autor Título Foto
Arthur Conan Doyle       Conan Doyle speaking    x x
Arthur Machen       Points of view    x x
Baroness Emmuska Orczy On the original conception of the
Scarlet Pimpernel    x
Rudyard Kipling       Speech at the Canadian Author´s Association    x x
Algernon Blackwood       Pistol against a ghost    x x
W Somerset Maugham x       A Writer´s Notebook (extract)    x x
G K Chesterton       No. 6 in series of talks The Spice of Life    x x
E M Forster       The challenge of our time    x x
P G Wodehouse       The World of Books    x x
Virginia Woolf       Craftsmanship    x x
Disco 2
J R R Tolkien       The Fellowship of the Ring (Interview)    x x
Rebecca West       Discussion about modern literature and criticism    x x
Aldous Huxley       Monitor (interview)    x x
J B Priestley       The look of the week (interview)    x x
Noel Coward       Today (interview)    x x
Evelyn Waugh       Face to Face (interview)    x x
Graham Greene       A Writer at Work (interview)    x x
Nancy Mitford       The World of Nancy Mitford (interview)    x x
C P Snow       People Today (interview)    x x
Disco 3
Daphne du Maurier       Interview with Daphne du Maurier    x x
Ian Fleming       Desert Island Discs (interview)    x x
William Golding       The author talks about his novels    x x
Angus Wilson       Asian Club: The writer and his times    x x
Anthony Burgess       PM Reports (interview)    x x
Muriel Spark       Third Ear (interview)    x x
Doris Lessing x       Life and Letters (interview)    x x
Harold Pinter x       People Today (interview)    x x
J G Ballard       The Living Novelist (interview)    x x
John Le Carré       An interview with John Le Carré    x x
Joe Orton       Regional Extra (interview)    x x