Colección Voces que dejan Huellas

The Spoken Word

American Writers

BBC - British Library
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Disco 1
Gertrude Stein       Americans point of view   
Sinclair Lewis       Address from the 1940 Writers´
                      Committee for Roosevelt Conference   
Anita Loos       Interview with Anita Loos   
Raymond Chandler       Playback Dr No   
Eugene O´Neill       Extract from O´Neill´s
                     "Long day journey into night"   
Henry Miller       Bookshelf   
Pearl Buck       Speech at the Gallaudet College   
James Thurber       Interview with James Thurber   
F Scott Fitzgerald       Shakespeare: Othello (extract)   
Thornton Wilder       Talk on Gertrude Stein and
                     Emily Dickinson   
Vladimir Nabokov       Summer review   
Disco 2
John Steinbeck       Interview with John Steinbeck   
Isaac Bashevis Singer       A story no-one else can tell   
Lillian Hellman       Omnibus: Lillian Hellman   
James Michener       Bookshelf   
Eudora Welty       A curtain of green   
Tennessee Williams       Frankly speaking   
Mary MacCarthy       Monitor   
William S. Burroughs       William S. Burroughs and the algebra
                      of need   
Disco 3
Ralph Ellison       Interview with Ralph Ellison   
Saul Bellow       The arts in Scotland   
Arthur Miller       Kaleidoscope   
Patricia Highsmith       Kaleidoscope   
James Baldwin       The world of books   
William Styron       Styron´s choice   
Gore Vidal       Kaleidoscope   
Toni Morrison       Interview with Toni Morrison